2014 Driftless Rendezvous Sept 12-14
at White Water State Park

Hiawatha Trout Unlimited (HTU) will be holding the 2014 Driftless Rendezvous September 12-14 at the White Water State Park (WWSP) Group Center Cabins.

Click Here for the Registration form: Please bring the completed form and your check for faster registration at the Rendezvous!

Many of the programs from previous years, food, and fun will again be on hand. The WWSP Group Center Cabins offer a large dining hall, clean comfortable cabins, a shower/bathroom house for men and women, group fire pit, and breathtaking grounds with the White Water River flowing thirty feet from the dining hall doors. It’s going to be a great weekend!

Friday after registration between 4:30 to 5:30 we will have a meet and greet. After the meet and greet, we will have supper and then a program with Vaughn Snook from the DNR Fisheries Department in Lanesboro talking about how the water sheds are doing and an update of the new fishing regs.

Mike Carpenter will offer a fly casting class called “secrets of the casting course” before the casting course contest begins on Saturday.

Marlene Huston will teach tweaking your casting for men and women. Both Mike and Marlene are International Federation of Fly Fishers (IFFF) certified casting instructors. Bill Hinton will teach Spey casting and other casting instruction and Brad Eaton will teach casting as well. Both Bill and Brad are from the Lew Jewett chapter of IFFF and are also certified casting instructors.

Jeff Broberg will offer two geology hikes with emphasis on the karst topography of Southeast Minnesota and a Sunday morning class on spin fishing for trout if time allows.

Frank Angelotti, Carl Berberich, and I will teach fly tying and help at the open fly tying so bring your vise and materials. No matter what level you’re at we can teach you something new and old. Carl will offer a class on his favorite dry flies for Southeast Minnesota. Frank will offer his rotary fly tying class and I will also offer a basic class on fly fishing knots.

Fly fishing expert and photographer Wayne Bartz will teach two classes on outdoor photography. He will teach you how to take pictures of the trout you catch or wild flowers and other outdoor beauty. Please bring your cameras whatever they may be, cell phone, digital, or more advanced. Wayne will teach you photography techniques and the beauty of taking pictures outdoors. You’ll love it.

We will see if the Department of Natural Resources will offer nature hikes as well. George Spangler and Rich Enochs of the National Trout Center (NTC) will offer a class on bugs of Southeast Minnesota and so much more.

Tom and Marlene Huston will sponsor a hog roast Saturday night. You can sign up for the whole weekend or just Saturday all day or just come for the hog roast Saturday night.

Phil Pankow, HTU Newsletter Editor

2014 Rendezvous Pricing

Meal Plan only (with programs)


Weekend (Fri supper/Sat breakfast, Lunch, Hog Roast/Sun breakfast, Lunch)  (Adult) 


Weekend (Fri supper/Sat breakfast, Lunch, Hog Roast /Sun Breakfast, Lunch)  (Under 13 yrs old) 


1 Day (Sat. lunch, Hog Roast /Sun Breakfast, Lunch) - (Adult) 


1 Day (Sat. lunch, Hog Roast /Sun Breakfast, Lunch) - (Under 13 yrs old) 


Sat evening Supper (Hog Roast) - (Adult) 


Sat evening Supper (Hog Roast) -( Under 13 yrs old) 




Programs only


Programs - (Adult) 


Programs - (Under 13 yrs old) 




Packages: Lodging, Meals, and all Programs at the Group Site 


Full Deal Adult -- 2 days lodging with 6 meals & Programs


Full Deal Kids -- 2 days Lodging with 6 meals & Programs - (Under 13 years old)


Saturday Deal Adult  --1 Day (Sat) lodging with 4 meals & Programs


Saturday Deal Kids -- 1 Day (Sat) lodging with 4 Meals & Programs 



We’re more than just fisherman!

Hiawatha Chapter of Trout Unlimited has been active in the restoration and conservation of Southeast Minnesota’s cold water streams and fisheries for over three decades.  Located in Rochester, Minnesota, the Hiawatha Chapter is actively involved with  the streams in the Driftless Area of Southeast Minnesota. The Chapter’s current membership is over 400 people and growing.
Since the late 1970’s, Hiawatha has focused its conservation energy on improving area trout streams, completing miles of trout habitat and stream improvement work.  These include extensive work on the Middle Branch of the Whitewater River, Trout Run, Mill, and West Indian Creek. The Chapter has also helped with projects on several other streams including Hay Creek,  Pickwick Creek, and Wisel Creek.  Looking to the future, Hiawatha Chapter will be working to improve the fishing quality and trout populations on many more miles of streams in Southeast Minnesota.
The Chapter understands that without the next generation of conservationists and anglers, there is no future for our cold water resource. Hiawatha Trout Unlimited has sponsored a kids and seniors fishing day in Lanesboro, and has worked with Win-Cres Chapter of Trout Unlimited for several years to provide angling opportunities for military veterans. Recently, Hiawatha hosted the Driftless Rendezvous at Whitewater State Park – an opportunity for other TU chapters and fly fishing organizations in the state to get together, share skills and knowledge, provide teaching opportunities, and educate interested persons in the basic skills and techniques inherent in fly fishing.
Additionally, the Chapter is actively defending the cold water water resource throughout Minnesota --  without which there would not be a thriving trout population. Hiawatha works to ensure that agencies like the Minnesota PCA and DNR responsibly evaluate environmental impacts of industries such as ethanol plants and sand mining operations that could potentially damage or destroy this precious resource.
Hiawatha TU will continue to work toward healthy watersheds and trout populations as it looks to the future. If you are not already a member of Trout Unlimited, please consider joining Hiawatha TU and contribute your time, talents, and funds today!